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The high season for hotels is just around the corner and therefore these are the last weeks for fine-tuning.

Did you know that breakfast is one of the most valued elements in the overall hotel guest experience?

Day after day we can observe a higher tendency towards a healthy lifestyle, as well as a higher consumption of natural and/or organic products, leaving aside processed products.

Zummo, betting on natural products, offers different juicer machines for hotels depending on the area of the hotel where they decide to include this freshly squeezed juice service… Find out which ones they are!

The Z06 Nature: Perfect for the hotel bar as you can offer different fruit juices such as orange, lemon, lime or pomegranate.

The Z14 Nature Contactless: This is the professional hotel juicer that fits perfectly in the lobby, allowing guests to enjoy freshly squeezed juice without ever touching the machine, as it is activated when paying with a credit card or from your mobile device. It can also be set up to be activated with the magnetic card in the room.

The Z1 Nature: Fits perfectly in the pool area, as it can be used to offer all kinds of refreshing cocktails with freshly squeezed juice.

The Z40: Is definitely the ideal choice for hotels with a large number of guests or resorts, the best solution to handle peaks in demand without any problems.

The freshly squeezed juice is guaranteed to be a differential value that your guests will appreciate.

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