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One of the main demands of the market is the so-called “on the go” formats, i.e. innovative products available for consumption at any time and place.

This has pushed Zummo to make it easier for people to consume immediate, on-the-go, healthy and quality products.

Health is becoming more and more important to consumers, which is why “on the go” foods have focused on natural, unprocessed products, as consumers are looking for a nutritious and wholesome food that allows them to follow a healthy lifestyle.

This new trend is reflected in the proliferation of self-service shops, convenience stores and vending machines, where time-sensitive consumers can find ready-to-eat and ready-to-drink products.

Motivated by these changes in consumption patterns, Zummo evolves and launches the GO Range to offer small supermarkets or convenience products designed for them

  1. Z14 Contactless

This version of Z14 Nature has the most innovative technology in cashless payment systems. When payment is made, the machine is activated, squeezing the juice instantly without the need to touch the juicer at any time.

If you need extra capacity and autonomy, it can be combined with the Cabinet Slim.

            2. Z14 Select. Choose your product.


With Z14 Nature Select the customer can choose the juice format to be consumed by using the touch screen selector or by directly scanning the barcode on the package, recognising the product and squeezing the right amount of fruit to fill it.

It has an intuitive and dedicated interface, where multiple product variants can be selected from up to four customisation possibilities.

If extra capacity and autonomy is required, it can be combined with the Cabinet Slim.

              3. Z14 Juice Box

Juicebox is the safest way to drink juice. With this new accessory, the Z14 Contectless goes one step further: payment system + multi-selection display. Its safety cover allows the customer to squeeze their own juice without contact, while protecting the machine from being manipulated. In addition, the touch screen offers the user the possibility to choose between up to 4 different product possibilities.

*All models in the GO range have a basket with a hinged lid to ensure maximum safety.

Zummo continues to innovate and adapt to the needs of the consumer

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